I just couldn’t help myself

This weekend has been a party weekend (with the online variety limbering me up nicely for the actual, in a house, with guests physically there kind). Nothing special, just a few people over for a couple of days (a few being about 50). I invariably have a good time as some of my favourites are always available to save me from the dullards! And occassionally I catch a glimpse of N, maybe even stealing a kiss.

Well Saturday night was slightly different……I’ve told her I’m starting this blog and that I don’t know quite know yet where I’m going to go with it; part way through the evening she hands me a note which read, “Meet in the large bathroom in 5 minutes and I’ll give you something to write about.”

Well I’m not ashamed to say that my knees went weak and my panties went wet.

I drowned my drink and just followed her; all decorum and subtlety banished in an instant. I was collared by a charming gentleman who’d wanted to speak to me for ages, I made my polite excuses and promised I would track him down later on. I reached the bathroom door and was shaking – she has the uncanny ability to make me feel like a teenager, and everything seem like it’s my first – I checked no one was around and knocked, she opened it instantly and pulled me inside, locking the door behind me.

We stared at each other and then moved in for a kiss; her lips are so soft, her tongue was smooth and cold from the chilled drinks, she eased me back against the vanity, “Up,” she whispered. “You just sit there and hold on.” I leaned back as she ran her hands down the front of my dress, my nipples hard, tender mounds over which her fingers glided. She lifted my long dress up above my waist and slid my knickers down my legs in that expertly swift and singular motion she has perfected.

She grabbed a cushion from the chair and placed it on the floor, knelt on it, and spread my legs. I love opening myself up to her, exposing myself so fully and completely…so greedily; knowing that my trust will be rewarded and my hunger satiated.

She kissed and licked my calves in turn, inching her way up to my glistening lips; before she even got there my body shook with orgasm, I groaned and heard her sigh in reply, it took her an age to reach her goal but I wouldn’t have taken away a second. I shifted to allow my hand access to her dark hair, I could feel her breath on my labia as her fingers gently pursed them open, my head fell back and my eyes closed, I bit my lip as her tongue ran the length of my opening, flatening and pressing against my clit before flicking away and beginning another run.

She slowly lapped and lapped bringing me closer and closer to another climax; I was so wet, she slid one finger then two in quick succesion inside me, a third, I felt the walls of my channel tense around them, her other hand lifted the hood of my clit, I looked down to see her sodden mouth open, and her eager eyes fix on mine….her tongue slowly protruded as she moved in…..

Round and round, slow, fast, fingers plunging inside me, flick, suck, nibble, thumb rub, I squirmed, I bucked, I tried so hard not to scream the house down! I could hear music, chatting, laughter, footsteps. Her fingers filled me, another teased my tight ring, her tongue flourished, the waves of orgasm pulsed through me, my body went tense; a faint squeal passed my lips, I just quivered……..

My body relaxed as I took in great gulps of air, her tongue took another full lap of me; I jolted, I gasped, “Good God don’t touch me!” She stood up, leaned over and kissed me…..if I say so myself, I taste great!

“I can’t do anything,” I panted. She said, “It’s ok, just watch.” She lifted up her own dress, sat on the chair, moved her panties to one side and finished herself off in a flurry of blurred fingers…..she gave them to me to taste…..equally great.

She kissed me again, waited until I was in a respectable state (the irony is not lost here), unlocked and opened the bathroom door, and said, “Now do some work.” Blew me a kiss and went to mingle.

The rest of the evening was tinged with the pleasure of that escapade…..I adore her.

Hello world!

This is my first foray into this kind of thing; I of course wrote in a journal as a young girl at boarding school but that was never shared with anybody, being out there for the world to read is really rather exciting!

I am hoping to join the blogging community with gusto, by commenting on as many blogs as I can and hopefully writing some interesting thoughts on various subjects through this humble blog of mine. I do hope you find them so.